Established in 2019

We worked so hard to get in this position.

We always try to provide the best internet connection you can find in your native area. We try to maintain the 24/7 cycle of unbreakable internet experience. If somehow for unavoidable reason our connection gets broke, we are always happy to serve you at your door step instantly.

Speak directly to our customer care if you face any problem during your internet experience.

 -Sojib Hossain(CEO, Thunder Network)


  • Provide Unbreakable Internet Experience
  • 16 Hours Doorstep Service
  • 24 Hours Online Service
  • Internet for Everyone
  • Cheaper Rate


  • Being #1 ISP in Bangladesh
  • Making Our Own FTP Server
  • Best in Quality


  • Cheaper Price
  • Better Quality
  • Stable Ping
  • No Package Loss in Gaming